How to Use a Ninja Air Fryer: Healthy Cooking Tips

How to use a ninja air fryer

Air frying transforms your kitchen skills, perfect for everything from searing steaks to crisping kale. Want to make your meals pop? Try air frying! From steaks to kale, a Ninja air fryer can do it all. It fits right on your counter and cooks a whole chicken quickly. Start by setting it up, then cook away. We’ll show you how to use a Ninja air fryer, step by step, from beginning to end. 

Plus, we’ll dive into the cool features, tricks, and recipes that boost your cooking game. Let’s get started on this journey to transform your cooking experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quick start with easy setup.
  • Unlock versatile cooking options.
  • Achieve healthier meals effortlessly.
  • Enjoy simple and fast cleanup.

What is a Ninja Air Fryer?

what is ninja air fryer and how to use it

A Ninja Air Fryer is like a magic cooking box. It uses hot air to cook food. It makes food crispy with hot air instead of a lot of oil, so it’s healthier. 

You can do more than fry; you can bake, roast, and even grill stuff. You can do more than fry; with a Ninja Foodi Air Fryer 9-in-1, you can bake, roast, and even dehydrate snacks.

Ninja Air Fryer is easy to use. Put your food in, set the time and temp, and wait for your yummy dish. 

Cleaning up is easy; parts go right in the dishwasher. It’s perfect for quick, healthy meals. Whether it’s fries, chicken, or veggies, your Ninja air fryer makes cooking fun and easy.

How Does a Ninja Fryer Work?  

It’s pretty cool. Essentially, this gadget circulates hot air around your food, giving it that crispy finish without the oil. 

A Ninja Fryer works like a mini oven that blows hot air around your food. This hot air makes your food like ninja air fryer chicken breast; it gets crispy outside but keeps it juicy.

 It’s like frying, but you use less oil, so it’s healthier. Put your food in the basket, set the temperature and time, and let it do its thing. 

The Ninja air fryer circulates the air so well that everything cooks evenly. It’s perfect for making all kinds of yummy stuff without a mess. 

Plus, it’s not just for chicken; you can make many tasty treats and meals. Super simple and super quick, that’s how it works!

How to Use a Ninja Air Fryer?

how to use ninja air fryer

Using a Ninja Air Fryer can make your meals exciting. It’s not just easy to use but also gives your food that perfect crunch and crispiness. Plus, it’s a healthier choice compared to traditional deep frying. It’s all about getting that fried texture you love with little or no oil.

Set Up Your Air Fryer

Getting your Ninja Air Fryer ready is easy. Here’s how to start:

  • Unbox and remove all packaging. Give all parts a good wash.
  • Find a flat, stable spot on your counter for the air fryer. Make sure it’s dry.
  • Leave some space around it for air to circulate freely. Your manual will have the deets on how much room it needs. 

You can tuck it away in a cabinet if you’re not using it. But once you see what it can do, you’ll probably want it out for everyday use. Ninja Air Fryers fit well on counters, saving space yet always ready for your next recipe.

Prepare Food

Prepping your food for the Ninja Air Fryer is easy and depends on what you’re making. For fresh meats or veggies, brush them with oil and add your favorite spices. No need for oil if you’re warming up leftovers.

Before you put anything in, give the basket a quick spray with oil to stop food from sticking. Spread your food out in the basket so it cooks evenly. You can try air frying almost anything, but wet batters or super light veggies might not work out too well.

Please keep it simple and have fun experimenting with different foods to see what you like best. Your ninja air fryer can handle a lot; steer clear of the messy or lightweight stuff.

Select Settings 

Your Ninja Air Fryer isn’t just for air frying. It comes packed with extra settings like baking, roasting, and even broiling to make all kinds of dishes.

Want to proof dough or dehydrate fruits? No problem. Explore those settings to make your kitchen life easy. It’s like your cooking buddy, ready for any recipe you throw at it. 


Not all air fryers need preheating, so refer to your manual for guidance. Typically, Preheating ensures your food cooks evenly, giving you perfect results every time. Just a few minutes, and you’re good to start cooking! It’s worth the effort for better results, especially if your manual recommends it for your specific air fryer model.

Select Air Fryer Cooking Time

Cooking times in your Ninja Air Fryer can vary. Each dish might have its unique timing, but a cool fact is that air frying often beats the clock compared to traditional baking. Here’s a quick guide to help adjust:

  • Deep frying to air frying: For foods, you’d typically deep fry, lower the air fryer’s temp by 25°F than the deep fryer’s setting, keeping the time constant. 
  • Oven baking to air frying: Lower the air fryer’s temp by 25°F from the oven’s recommendation. Then, cut cooking time by 20%.

This handy adjustment means your favorite snacks get crispy faster without the guesswork. 

For a smooth experience, check out a cheat sheet for common air-fried foods to master the timing. It’s a simple guide to getting your favorites just right every time. 

Shake or Flip Food

Using the Ninja Air Fryer? Take note: shaking or flipping your food halfway through cooking can make a big difference.

A simple shake or flip. For many dishes halfway through cooking, give the basket a gentle shake or flip the food. This isn’t just a quirky step; it’s essential for that all-around crisp we crave. 

Some recipes suggest giving your ingredients a jiggle every five minutes. It ensures each piece gets an equal share of the hot air’s dance, crisping up nicely. So, keep your air fryer close by.

But wait, there’s a cool feature with Ninja’s No-Flip Air Fry Basket. Thanks to its 360° Air Fry System, heat wraps around your food from all sides. No flipping is needed.

Remember, a little movement goes a long way in air frying.

Remove Food

Once your Ninja Air Fryer finishes cooking, it’s time to enjoy your meal! Carefully take out your food using tongs, a spatula, or a spoon. 

Protect your hands with oven mitts if the basket’s still in the fryer. This simple step ensures a safe, burn-free experience while handling hot dishes.

Clean Your Ninja Air Fryer

how to clean ninja air fryer

To keep your Ninja Air Fryer in top shape, clean it quickly after every use. 

Here’s a simple guide to get you started. 

  • First, always allow the air fryer to cool completely before cleaning. 
  • Once it’s cooled down, unplug it.
  •  Slide out the basket and tray and wash them with warm, soapy water. 
  • A soft sponge does the trick without scratching. 
  • For any stubborn bits, let them soak a bit, then gently brush away. 
  • Don’t forget the inside of the air fryer—wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly. 
  • Finish off by wiping the exterior. 

This way, your air fryer is always fresh, ensuring your meals taste great every time. Easy cleaning keeps your Ninja Air Fryer ready for your next kitchen adventure!

Remember, regular cleaning not only maintains the quality of your dishes but also extends the life of your Ninja Air Fryer. 

7 Ways to Make Your Ninja Air Fryer Last Longer

Keep it clean

Keeping your Ninja air fryer clean isn’t just about the basket. A regular, deep clean is crucial to prevent grease and food particles from building up. This stops bad odors and reduces the risk of smoke or fires. 

Cleaning might seem like a lot of work, but it’s simple. You only need some basic cleaning supplies and some elbow grease. 

Important tip: never dunk the main body of your air fryer in water or shove it in the dishwasher. 

Also, avoid harsh metal scouring pads on the basket or any parts. They can scratch off the non-stick coating. A gentle, thorough clean keeps it working right and looking shiny.

Don’t Cook Anything You Shouldn’t

When using your Ninja air fryer, it’s crucial to stick to foods that are meant for it. Not everything is air fryer-friendly. 

For instance, avoid putting in things like melting cheese. It’s a mess to clean up afterward. Also, steer clear of tossing in loose seasonings. They can get sucked into the heating element and cause trouble.

It’s all about choosing the right food and not overstuffing the basket. Overloading stops hot air from moving freely, leading to food that’s not cooked evenly. For that golden, crispy perfection, cook in smaller batches. 

This way, everything cooks perfectly, and your air fryer stays in top shape for longer. Please keep it simple and smart to get the most out of your Ninja air fryer.

Give It Space to Vent

Make sure your Ninja Air Fryer has plenty of room to breathe. Like you and me, it needs air to stay cool!

These gadgets have vents to release heat. They might overheat while whipping up your favorite snacks if they’re too cramped. 

Please consult the manual that came with your air fryer for specifics on the amount of clearance needed around it. 

It’s important to leave space around each side for air circulation. The air fryer should also be placed on a smooth, secure surface.

Replace the Accessories Rather Than the Whole Thing

If your air fryer basket has seen better days or has mysteriously disappeared, remember that you can often replace the needed parts instead of tossing the entire appliance. 

Before removing it, check if you can buy a new basket or other accessory directly from the manufacturer. 

This could be a cost-effective move, as many brands, including those for air fryers, provide a range of replaceable components like racks and more. 

So, take a moment to explore the available options for replacements.

Store It Properly

If you toss your air fryer in the cupboard after using it, it will get banged up and scratched by other kitchen gear. Find a special spot just for it in your cupboard, and watch out for sharp things that could hurt the cord. Alternatively, let it hang out on your counter. If you do, make sure to clean the outside often. Keeping it safe and clean like this helps your air fryer stay in good shape for long.

Watch the Cable

Keep an eye on the cable when you’re using your air fryer. Don’t let it touch the side; the outside gets super hot—up to 278.3 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cable touches that hot surface, it could damage the outside of the cable and mess up the inside parts, too. 

So, always keep the cable away from the hot spots. If you’ve got too much cable hanging around, a cable tie can help keep it neat and out of trouble. A little love for the cord and your air fryer will thank you for lasting longer.

Don’t Use Metal Utensils

One simple trick to keep your Ninja air fryer in top shape. Here’s a tip: avoid metal utensils. They can scratch and damage the non-stick surface inside the basket. Once it’s scratched, food starts sticking, and it’s downhill from there. So, what should you use? Option for wooden, silicone, or plastic tools instead. They’re gentle on the surface, keeping it smooth and clean. Plus, it’s a simple swap that can make a big difference. Keep it scratch-free, and your air fryer works perfectly, meal after meal.

What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?

Let’s keep it simple and straight to the point. In your Ninja air fryer, you can cook lots of yummy dishes! You can make so many things:

Think about crispy chicken wings that taste just like they’ve been fried. You can also make golden fries that are super crunchy. Love veggies? Toss in some Brussels sprouts or carrots; they’ll come out nice and roasted.

Fish fillets and shrimp get crispy on the outside but stay juicy inside. Frozen snacks like mozzarella sticks or pizza rolls are perfect for quick bites. If breakfast is your jam, air-fried bacon or sausages are way less messy.

Feeling snacky? Try roasted nuts or chickpeas for a healthy crunch. And yes, you can even make sweets there, like cupcakes or apple chips.

The cool thing about an air fryer is you can get creative and try various recipes. It’s all about having fun in the kitchen and making your favorite foods healthier. 


Wrapping up, and learning how to use a Ninja Air Fryer is easy. Just pop your food in, set the temp, and boom – you’re cooking! This guide’s got you covered, from crispy fries to juicy chicken. 

Remember, practice makes perfect. So, keep experimenting with recipes, cooking times, and temperatures. Your Ninja Air Fryer is more than just a gadget; it’s your ticket to healthier, faster, and tastier meals.

Don’t forget to clean it regularly for the best performance. Happy frying!

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