How to Juice Cherries in a Juicer: Expert Tips

How To Juice Cherries In A Juicer

Cherries are delicious and nutritious fruit that can be enjoyed in many ways. One way to get their benefits is to juice them in a juicer. But if this is your first time doing it, you may wonder how to juice cherries in a juicer.

Learn the easy way to juice cherries in a juicer. Enjoy fresh cherry juice with our step-by-step guide on how to juice cherries in a juicer.

Here, we’ll share some tips on choosing the real cherries for juicing and how to juice them. We also, advise using cherry juice in your favorite recipes and suggest delicious flavor combinations.

Benefits of Drinking Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is a delicious and nutritious beverage linked to some health benefits. Cherry juice is low in calories, making it a great addition to any diet.

Cherries have anti-inflammatory benefits and are a good source of antioxidants and potassium. This can protect the body from damage from free radicals and lower reactive stress.

Anthocyanins in cherry juice give cherries their red color. Anthocyanins improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and protect against cancer.

 A study published in the journal “Clinical Interventions in Aging” found that drinking tart cherry juice for four weeks reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels in people with high blood pressure.

What are the health benefits of cherry juice

Cherry juice has also been shown to have many other potential health benefits, including:

  • Aiding in sleep: Cherries contain melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. Drinking cherry juice before bed may improve sleep quality.

  • Promoting heart health: Cherry juice can help improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol. These benefits may help protect against heart disease.

  • Reducing muscle soreness: Cherry juice can help take the pain out of sore muscles after a workout. This is because cherries contain anthocyanins, which have anti-inflammatory effects.

Types of Juicers for Juicing Cherries

Many different types of juicers can be used to juice cherries. Your requirements and personal preferences will determine the type of juicer most suitable for you.

  • The most common variety of juicers is centrifugal juicers. They are easy to use and not too expensive. But they can be loud and usually make a lot of pulp.

  • Slow or Masticating juicers are more expensive than centrifugal juicers, but they make better juice. They are also quieter, and they have less pulp.

  • Mashers are an excellent option for juicing cherries to make high-pulp juice. Mashers are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

How to Juice Cherries

Cherry juice is a delicious and nutritious beverage that can be easily made at home. Juicing cherries is a simple process. To make a cherry juice recipe or juice, you will need the following:

  • Fresh cherries
  • A blender or juicer
  • A strainer

If you use a juicer, remove the stems from the cherries and juice them. If you use a blender or food processor, blend the cherries until smooth, then strain the pulp. This will produce a juice that could be smoother, but it will still be delicious.

How to make cherries juice at home

Here are the steps on how to make cherry juice:

Wash the cherries thoroughly: Rinse them under cold water to remove any dirt or debris and ensure they are impurities-free.

Remove the pits from the cherries: There are a few different ways to remove the pits from cherries. You can use a cherry pitter, a sharp knife, or fingers.

Feed the cherries into the juicer chute: Once the pits have been removed and the cherries prepared, it’s time to feed them into the juicer chute, allowing the machine to work its magic.

Cherries are a good source of vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy immune system and skin. To juice cherries in a juicer, it is recommended to use a masticating juicer rather than a blender.

To prevent the cherry juice from browning, add crushed vitamin C pills or crystals to act as a natural preservative.

It’s important to note that 95% of the nutritional content of cherries is found in their juice, making it an excellent addition to any diet.

Tips and Tricks to Juicing Cherries:

Juicing cherries is a great way to enjoy this delicious and nutritious fruit. Juicing cherries is one of the best ways to enjoy them. It’s easy to get juice from cherries.

You can make fresh cherry juice at home with a few essential tools. If you are new to juicing, the following advice will help you maximize your juicer:

  • Use ripe cherries: cherries will have a deep, rich color and will be soft to the touch.

  • Don’t overcrowd the juicer: If you jam too many ingredients into the juicer, it will be simpler for the machine to extract the juice.

  • Water the juicer. This will help keep the cherries from clogging the juicer.

  • Strain the juice: Cherry mush or seeds can be taken out of the juice by straining it.

  • Storage: Store Your Juice Properly- Fresh cherry juice can last up to 3 days in the refrigerator when stored in an airtight stainless steel container. If you want your juice to last longer, you may put it in the fridge.

You can juice cherries with a blender if you don’t have a juicer. Just strain the juice to get rid of any pulp or seeds. Add other citrus fruits and vegetables to your cherry juice for a more flavorful nutritional drink.

Some good options include Apples, Grapes, strawberries, Celery, and pineapple. You can add honey or maple syrup to your cherry juice to sweetness it.

Difference Between Tart and Sweet Cherries:

Tart and sweet cherries are two of the most popular types of cherries in the world. They are both delicious and nutritious, but there are some key differences between the two.

Here is a chart that summarizes the key differences between tart and sweet cherries:

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The best type of cherry for you depends on your personal preferences. If you like a tart, sour flavor, then tart cherries are a good choice. If you prefer a sweet, juicy flavor, then sweet cherries are a good choice.

3 Cherry Juice Recipes

1. Cherry-Berry Juice

This juice is a delicious and nutritious blend of cherries and berries.

what is Cherry-Berry Juice


  • 1 pound fresh cherries, pitted
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 1 cup water


  1. Wash all of the fruit and remove the pits from the cherries.
  2. Place the fruit in a blender and blend until smooth.
  3. Pour the juice into a glass and enjoy.

2. Cherry-Orange Juice

This juice recipe adds a citrusy twist to the classic cherry flavor. To make it, mix equal parts of cherry juice and orange juice. You can also add a splash of lemon juice for a more tart flavor.

How to make cherries juice recipe


  • 1 pound fresh cherries, pitted
  • Two oranges, peeled and segmented
  • 1 cup water


  1. Wash all of the fruit and remove the pits from the cherries.
  2. Put the fruit through the juicer to get the juice out of it.
  3. Pour the liquid into a glass and stir well before drinking.

3. Classic Cherry Juice

This simple and easy-to-make recipe is perfect for a quick and refreshing drink.

what is classic cherries juice recipe


  • 1 pound fresh cherries, pitted
  • 1 cup water


  1. Wash the cherries and remove the pits.
  2. Place the cherries in a juicer and juice them.
  3. Pour the juice into a glass and enjoy.

How to Store Cherries Juice in Mason Jars?

To store cherry juice in mason jars, pour the fresh juice into clean and sterilized jars, leaving about 1/2 inch of headspace at the top. Seal the jars tightly with lids and refrigerate for up to a week.

How to store cherry juice in mason jars

For more extended storage, freeze the juice in mason jars, leaving some space at the top to expand during freezing. Before drinking, thaw the frozen juice overnight in the fridge. You can drink the cherry juice you made at any time.


Can You Juice Cherries in a Juicer?

Yes, you can juice cherries in a juicer. Simply wash and pit the cherries before feeding them into your juicer. The juicer will extract the juice while leaving behind the skins and pits. Enjoy the sweet and nutritious goodness of fresh cherry juice right at home!

Is it safe to juice cherries?

Yes, it is safe to juice cherries. However, it is important to ensure that they are washed thoroughly and pitted before juicing. Avoid using any cherries that appear moldy or rotten. Also, be aware of any reactions or sensitivities you might have to cherries. Cherry juice is delicious and nutritious when eaten in order as part of a balanced diet..

Can you drink straight cherry juice?

Yes, you can drink cherry juice straight. It’s a healthy drink that tastes good and is good for you in many ways. Cherry juice is known for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Just ensure you choose pure, unsweetened cherry juice to fully enjoy its natural goodness.

A final thought on How To Juice Cherries In A Juicer:

Juicing cherries is a great way to enjoy their sweet and tangy flavor while reaping health benefits. Cherry juice can reduce pain from gout and arthritis.

With these simple recipes and tips, you can easily create delicious cherry juice blends to enjoy anytime. Remember to permanently remove the pits before juicing, and enjoy your refreshing drink!

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